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  • All residential unit sales and prices decrease, inventory up

    Dec 5, 2018 | by Peter Kubiczek
    November 2018: In the Edmonton Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), the all residential unit sales decreased 9.78% month over month and[...] Read More...
  • Year over year residential unit sales and average prices decrease

    Nov 5, 2018 | by Peter Kubiczek
    October, 2018: In the Edmonton Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), the all residential unit sales month over month decreased 5.71%[...] Read More...
  • All residential average prices stable, unit sales decrease

    Oct 4, 2018 | by Peter Kubiczek
    Edmonton, September, 2018: In the Edmonton Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), the all residential average prices increased 2.48% to $373,958 compared[...] Read More...
    • November 2018 - Single Family Detached - Average Selling Price $421,715 
      Down 0.97%
      from M/M and
      Down 4.55%
    • All Residential - Average Selling Price $ 360,763 
      Up 0.50%
      from M/M and
      Down 2.65%
    • Condominium - Average Selling Price $ 218,443 
      Down 1.29%
      from M/M and
      Down 6.07%
    • Average Days on the Market - Single Family 66, Condominiums 80, Duplexes/Rowhouses 71
    • Total residential LISTED 2,063 
      Down 15.38%
      from M/M and
      Up 9.97%
    • Total residential SOLD 1,042 
      Down 9.78%
      from M/M and
      Down 10.56%
    • Total residential Active Inventory on MLS 7,741 
      Down 7.44%
      from M/M and
      Up 9.86%
    • Total Value of MLS System sales this month $ 457,078,852 This year to date $ 7,154,930,168
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  • “They are professional with house transactions and willing to help solving other problem. They offered me carpet cleaning machine when we moved and solved my rental problems two month later since we move. It seems they are not only my realtor but also my friends, true friends as well”

    Yanying Pi and Family
    Personal Service. Professional Results.

  • The team at Keystone Realty made buying our very first home a breeze. We had specific requirements in mind and a budget we wanted to stick to. They made the purchasing process so easy and stress free. By provided resources for everything we needed to close the deal. We were able to happily move in […]

    Sherry Bonarek
    Personal Service. Professional Results.

  • When we began looking for a house we had little to no idea what we wanted, or what to watch out for. The housing market was unchartered territory for both me and my girlfriend. We hardly had any criteria past a price range and a grainy idea of what our options were. After dealing with […]

    Taylor S.
    Personal Service. Professional Results.

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We tried selling our home on the southside with another realtor and felt neglected and forgotten, but once Peter got the job, things quickly changed. – Guy and Rosanna S.