Home Buyers

Preparing to buy a home requires completing a checklist of vital steps that ensure your home transaction is processed without complications. Even experienced homebuyers should not assume they understand the market conditions as they exist today. The average return buyer has lived in their home for 7 to 10 years before selling to upgrade. Market conditions can change greatly in a decade, so assuming that the process will be the same as before is an unwise course of action. Finding the right home requires knowing what is available in your price range. This is another important reason to work with an established realtor that has experience creating helpful processes that can create defined needs and wants based on predetermined criteria.

A licensed professional real estate agent can help ensure that all the proper pre-purchase specifications have been met. Home buyers should begin by organizing their finances and important documents. Knowing your credit report and score are important first steps to starting the home buying process.

The mortgage industry requires very detailed paperwork to secure a loan. Determining the best lender for your loan can seem overwhelming, but our agency of experienced professionals has access to a network of vetted and trusted vendors.

The team at Peter Kubiczek Keystone Realty have experience working with buyers at every stage of the home purchase.

Having a trusted advisor that is mutually invested in the success of your housing transaction is beneficial to any buyer. Being pre-approved for a mortgage can make your home buying process less complicated. It also provides gravitas to any offer that is made on your behalf. Sellers know that a client is serious when they have gone through the proper channels to offer supporting documentation of their financial fitness for home purchase.


Realtors Offer Great Resources

Partnering with your local licensed realtor will provide clients access to the best network of homeowner resources and services. Realtors serve their clients as trusted confidants. They provide invaluable advice that is both unbiased and ethical. Realtors regularly help clients save money on their home purchase transactions because they are housing specialist that are constantly in command of the facts regarding their client’s potential transaction.

Realtors keep their clients remain abreast of changes in their business engagement or financial dangers that may exist. A realtor is the client’s best ally and first line of defense.

Realtors Help Clients Prepare

The team at Peter Kubiczek Keystone Realty starts by helping every new buyer establish their list of goals. We work with clients to determine their buying power in the current market. We take your borrowing capacity and help you determine what type of property will best fit your needs and your budget. Knowing what you can afford helps cultivate a better list of properties that are better matches for your future home.
Edmonton Market Experts Buyer’s agents and experienced realtors know the market better than anyone. They are constantly interacting with other professionals and viewing property on the market to better understand trends and conditions affecting the area. This market expertise increases the likelihood that they will find the ideal property for their client. Buyer’s agents are market experts because as soon as a home is placed they have typically seen it within only a few days of it being made active. Realtors are making appointments and interacting with sellers and buyers regularly. This gives them access to every home in the market, even those not actively on the market.

Complete Access: MLS and Unlisted Properties

Relators have access to all the property available in their market because they have a network of professionals that share information. Additionally, agents are licensed users of the MLS system, which is a computerized listing agent of property available for sale. Realtors have access to every home that is available for sale because they network with other realtors and professionals. It is very often that a home that you have seen or heard of is not actively advertised, but your realtor is able to make inquiries on your behalf to secure information about all properties.

Evaluating Edmonton Real Estate Market Property

Once a buyer has selected a home, a realtor performs a myriad of due diligence evaluations of the selected property. When working with our experienced team of agents, you will know that we have thoroughly assessed every facet of your new property for potential pitfalls or problems. We provide professional services from inspectors that will examine your chosen property and perform a necessary test to make certain it is a viable asset and livable structure. Our office assistant will order a property title and registered encumbrances for your chosen property. We review the registrations including caveats, utility right of ways, bylaws and restrictive covenants which may effect your homes future resale value or complete enjoyment of your new home.

Professional Knowledge: Negotiation and Contracts

One of the most important roles your realtor will fill is that of negotiator and representative. For many buyers, negotiator is the primary role they assume they will need from their realtor.

While it is important for a realtor to perform negotiations on behalf of their client, it is only one of their many important roles. Buyers may be unaware of the amount of legal paperwork and technicality that is required to purchase a home. Your realtor will write offers for any property you consider and likewise ensure that you receive the most beneficial deal. They will review your contracts, and attend your closing to confirm that you are receiving all that has been agreed upon in documents. Your realtor should be able to explain the details of your contracts to you and make sure you are fully aware of the obligations of your choices. They will present you with all the details of your transactions is a way that makes sense and consider offers that are in your best financial interest. After the purchase of a home, buyers will also benefit from their realtor’s resource network that may be useful for new home owners. From vetted and trusted landscapers to inspectors, your realtor is your most trusted ally and source for credible associated contractors.