Seller Resources

Our agency takes pride in being a full-service operation. After years in the industry, we know that the best way to ensure that your house sells in today’s competitive market is to make it memorable. Homes that are staged and adequately prepared will sell faster than those hastily placed on the market. Listing your home with the Keystone Realty Team guarantees a selling process that is both organized and professional.


We offer home sellers in the Edmonton Real Estate market a variety of resources that can make any home transaction seamless. We offer clients recommendations based on past sale experience and proper home staging techniques, tips for placing your home on the market, and checklists for getting started. Having a realtor working with you to sell your home is a valuable asset because we know what makes a home desirable.

Selling Guides

The best information on selling a home in our market is found in our custom selling guides. These articles give sellers insight and guidance navigating several of the biggest issues facing their impending transaction. These special reports have detailed sections outlining the subtleties of selling a home in the Edmonton Real Estate market. Our VIP Guides highlight topics important to sellers, and they provide advice on avoiding common pitfalls. These common mistakes can impede the success of any home sale.

  • Major Mistakes Made by Sellers  160_F_42505000_GvSCNRZsdIGXkbDV7faRbBTVhJtF9GWG
  • 27 Home-Selling Tips160_F_42505000_GvSCNRZsdIGXkbDV7faRbBTVhJtF9GWG
  • 7 Mistakes to Avoid when Trading Up160_F_42505000_GvSCNRZsdIGXkbDV7faRbBTVhJtF9GWG
  • Selling your home in Wintertime160_F_42505000_GvSCNRZsdIGXkbDV7faRbBTVhJtF9GWG
  • 10 best kept secrets for selling your home.160_F_42505000_GvSCNRZsdIGXkbDV7faRbBTVhJtF9GWG
  • When Smaller is Sweeter – How to take the money and run 160_F_42505000_GvSCNRZsdIGXkbDV7faRbBTVhJtF9GWG
  • Creating a Great Curb Appeal160_F_42505000_GvSCNRZsdIGXkbDV7faRbBTVhJtF9GWG
  • Pricing your home to sell 160_F_42505000_GvSCNRZsdIGXkbDV7faRbBTVhJtF9GWG
  • Home Staging Tips 160_F_42505000_GvSCNRZsdIGXkbDV7faRbBTVhJtF9GWG

There are several common major mistakes made by sellers. From incorrect financing to lack of preparation, there are countless mistakes that a seller can make when putting their house on the market. Your home is likely your largest asset, and selling it is an important economic decision affect your financial health. Life events like divorce are never foreseen, and can result in difficult decisions that must be made immediately. One of those important decisions is the liquidation of assets and property. Knowing how to navigate these transactions without losing money is where the expertise of a realtor is most valuable.

The seller’s guides address issues of remodeling distressed surroundings, expanding your home for a growing family or simple refinancing owned property. These topics are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more than eight sellers’ guides available to our clients that will assist you as you work to sell your home.