Buyer Resources

One of the most valuable resources we make available to clients are our buyer’s guides. We have created detailed custom guides that outline the subtleties of home buying in the Edmonton Real Estate market. These guides are an included in our VIP access program, and they provide insight into the particulars of buying a property in the market.

  • 13 Red Flags for Home Buyers 160_F_42505000_GvSCNRZsdIGXkbDV7faRbBTVhJtF9GWG
  • 6 Things You Must Know About Mortgages Before You Buy 160_F_42505000_GvSCNRZsdIGXkbDV7faRbBTVhJtF9GWG
  • 10 Ways to save for your First Home 160_F_42505000_GvSCNRZsdIGXkbDV7faRbBTVhJtF9GWG
  • 10 Common Buyer Mistakes 160_F_42505000_GvSCNRZsdIGXkbDV7faRbBTVhJtF9GWG
  • 15 Buyer Costs to consider when purchasing a home 160_F_42505000_GvSCNRZsdIGXkbDV7faRbBTVhJtF9GWG
  • Why are You Still Renting?  Reason Why You Should Buy a Home . 160_F_42505000_GvSCNRZsdIGXkbDV7faRbBTVhJtF9GWG

Our buyer guides offer insight into the experience of buying a home at every level. Buying a home for the first time is not similar to buying a second or third home. There are issues that can complicate second and third home buyer transactions. Mortgage regulations are constantly changing, and the last few years provide both opportunity and obstacles for home buyers. Knowing how to sidestep these potential pitfalls requires the assistance of a knowledgeable professional with access to industry information.