Your Edmonton Luxury Real Estate Professionals

Marketing the sale of a luxury property requires confidence and finesse that inexperienced realtors do not possess. Each home has something that makes it unique, but some homes are unique because of their specific market. We understand that luxury property requires highlighting details and providing expert photography and illustrious curb appeal. Luxury properties usually require a grand vision showing the impeccable landscaping for comfort and entertainment, with the use of drone photography we can capture the exterior elegance of your home. Our team provides staging advice and tips on ways to capture the interest of the luxury real estate buyer.

By taking every opportunity to make an excellent first impression, we increase the likelihood that your home will enter the market with fanfare. We prioritize advertising and marketing all our listing, but it’s imperative to utilize multiple channels specifically designed to promote luxury homes. This approach generates a different level of exposure that will attract buyers in the market for homes at price levels above $750,000.

Luxury homes require an agent that is familiar with how to cultivate leads in a smaller market of potential buyers. Market conditions are different when buying and selling a luxury property and sometimes thinking outside the box is a must. This can only be accomplished with the assistance of an experienced and confident agent.