Sold Properties

Our mission statement outlines our commitment to assisting clients in the buying and selling of real estate in Edmonton. We are proud when we can provide these services at a caliber that is unmatched in the market. That level of service is never more evident than when we help an owner sell their property.

One of the best things about being a realtor is having the opportunity to work with buyers and sellers that trust you and believe in your ability to help them in one of the largest transactions they will ever undertake.

The responsibility of providing our clients with the highest level of service is a job we approach with seriousness. The driving force behind our successful closing ratio and number of sold properties hinges on our commitment to our clients. In keeping our promise to them, we prove our professionalism each day. We don’t have a leading number of sold homes because we’re lucky. Our homes are sold because of the hard work and planning executed on your behalf by Kubiczek Team of Keystone Realty.