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Plastic devices don’t always blend seamlessly into a home’s decor, but these three extra-smart gadgets look beautiful and bring a touch of tech to any space.

Meural Canvas Modern Digital Art Frame: This wooden-framed 27” HD screen is much slimmer and more sleek than the digital photo frames of yore. Plus, it hooks up to an app that allows you to switch artwork and photos out whenever you need a change.

Curvilux Smart Sleep Nightstand: It looks like a nightstand, can be used as a nightstand, but it’s also equipped with a wireless phone charger. But the coolest part? It has a built in light that mimics the sunrise, waking you up naturally. No more annoying alarms!

Turn Touch Wooden Smart Home Remote: Carved from a single piece of mahogany, this handy remote mounts to the wall and can be connected to various smart home devices – such as appliances, TVs and lights.