Easy winter crafts for kids

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Every parent knows its not easy to keep your kids occupied during the winter months. Video games and Television are a very unhealthy destruction, hopefully some of these ideas will provide ideas for hours of great family fun.

Keep your kids busy on cold days with these winter-themed crafts:
1. Cotton Swab Snowflake. Supplies: Three cotton swabs, glitter, glue, plastic gemstone, sticky tack, thread. Instructions: Dip each end of the cotton swabs in glue and then glitter. Cross all three swabs over each other creating six points, stick together with tack and cover joint with the gemstone. Use the thread to dangle the snowflake from the ceiling or in front of a window.
2. Golf Ball Snowman. Supplies: Two golf balls, strong glue, black felt, scissors, red ribbon, black and orange paint, sticky tack. Instructions: Glue the golf balls together. Use the scissors and felt to create a black hat and glue to the top of one of the golf balls. Paint black eyes and an orange carrot onto the snowman’s face and tie the red ribbon around its neck. Use a bit of sticky tack on the bottom to help it stand up.
3. Ice Skate Bookmarks. Supplies: Needle, embroidery thread, felt, large paperclip. Instructions: Fold the felt in half and cut out a boot shape slightly narrower than the length of the paperclip. Slip the bottom of the boot through the paperclip so the paperclip looks like a skate blade and sew around the perimeter of the boot. Create laces up the boot by sewing in embroidery thread and then tying it into loops at the top. Then use the paperclip to attach the ice skate to a book page.

Cute boy and a girl sitting at the table drawing and cutting paper with scissors. Being creative, developing imagination, creativity, do it yourself concept