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Love Harry Potter – JK Rowling’s epic series about a young wizard’s quest to save the world from evil?

Thanks to Pottery Barn, you can now incorporate furniture, textiles and accessories inspired by the beloved tales into your home. Items such as a Hogwarts Express Train bed, Quidditch quilts and pillows and a Phoenix floor lamp are all available to purchase. The line offers more than 100 pieces, which you can subtly add to your existing decor, or use to recreate some of your favourite Harry Potter scenes. And, if you think this decor line is only for children, you’d be wrong! It’s been proven over the years that adults love Harry’s world just as much as kids do, which is why Pottery Barn carries more mature items such as stamped leather Hogwart’s crest coasters, Hogwart’s crest tumblers and a Golden Snitch serving bowl. Who said Muggles can’t enjoy wizarding decor too?