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The new trend in party planning is to party like it never happened.This means creating as little waste as possible, which is good for the environment and good for your bank account.

By simply planning ahead and making eco-friendly choices, you can host a zero-waste party on any budget. Starting with the food and food accessories, forgo the disposable plates and cutlery and use what you already have in the cupboards.

If you’re worried about dishes, enlist your guests to help with the cleanup. It won’t feel like work if you focus on the conversation had over a sink full of warm sudsy water. As for the food itself, carefully consider how much food you truly need and also choose items that are easy to warm-up as leftovers or go great in lunches.

Consider buying containers for your guests to take leftovers home in, reminding them it will mean they don’t have to cook the next day. Disposable decorations are another area of waste at parties. Replace cheap plastic and paper streamers with fabric and ribbon that can be reused again and again. Lastly, set the mood and save energy by dimming the lights and burning a few candles instead.