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Is your guestroom overflowing with an unused exercise bike, unfiled paperwork and boxes of excess clothes? Or do you keep it guest-ready and clutter-free with a beautifully made bed and a fresh notepad on the nightstand?

Most likely your guestroom falls somewhere between these two extremes. So if you’re opening your home to friends and family, here are a few ways to quickly transition a so-so spare bedroom into a spa-like retreat for your guests.

Use beautiful storage. So maybe you do need somewhere to dump your old maternity clothes or every piece of artwork your children have ever created. But if you store these items in beautiful baskets, bins and cabinets, they become part of the decor instead of part of the problem.

Use simple decor. Forgo expensive or flashy and stick to simple colours and fabrics. Soft greys and blues, throw pillows and blankets made of natural materials and minimal accessories will create a relaxing space for your guests to unwind after a busy day of visiting.

Fresh flowers always do the trick. If all else fails, buy some fresh flowers and place them in a pretty vase. Maybe your guestroom isn’t perfect, but fresh flowers are a thoughtful and welcoming gesture. And welcoming is truly the only thing you need to worry about when guests come to stay.