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Is your bedroom looking a little blah? It may be in need of a refresh! Here are five designer tips to take your sleeping space from tired to energized.

Gather inspiration. Finding images of bedrooms you love is the best way to get started. Even if it’s one element from one room and another from a different photo entirely – piece together the bedroom of your dreams using Pinterest, Houzz or magazines.

Choose a style. While mixing styles is definitely on trend, avoid making your bedroom too busy by picking one or two decor styles to draw from. Popular examples include farmhouse, industrial, mid-century modern and bohemian.

Set a budget. It can be very easy to overspend on decor if you don’t have a budget set aside. Also, keep it manageable by splurging on large items like furniture while saving on accessories, which you’re more likely to switch out in the future anyway.

Pick a palette. Nothing unifies a space like colour. Whether you love elegant blue and gold, minimalist white and black or fun yellow and grey, select your shades and use them throughout the space.

Add the details. The most beautiful rooms are the ones that reflect the homeowner’s personality. Use artwork, photos, vases, books, textiles and more to create a bedroom that is uniquely you.