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Often, trends are only trendy until too many people jump on the bandwagon. This may be the case of mid-century modern (MCM) design – architecture, furniture and accessories either from or inspired by the mid-20th century. Some designers blame Mad Men, which popularized the look and spurred furniture and decor companies to begin mass-producing knockoffs. Characterized by low profile furniture in natural wood tones, slim legged chairs, tulip tables and sputnik-inspired chandeliers, this style tends to appeal to those who like clean, crisp lines, shiny surfaces and lean more towards a minimalistic lifestyle. While MCM is still enjoying its moment in the sun, it’s slowly being replaced by plush fabrics, embellishments like tassels and fringe and accessories upon accessories. The good news for lovers of all things sleek, clean and minimal is that trends are always falling in and out of style. Besides, if you love a particular look you should stick with it regardless of what the professionals say.