Selling your home means standing out !

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Selling your home means standing out! – Realty in the City

Are you ready to take the step and sell your home?

There are plenty of homes for potential buyers to choose from, and you want yours to stand out! Let me help you! There are many little tricks that I can share with you in helping your home really appealing to buyers!

Clutter be gone!

De cluttering your home is probably the most important and first trick in the book. I always say that the less items on horizontal surfaces, the better! If the closets and bookshelves are packed to the brim, it shows that you don’t have enough space in the home. Which will make your buyer question if they will have enough space! Out of sight, out of mind!
Furniture decluttering is also just as important, if you’d hire a home stager, they would probably take away as much as half of what you have. It makes the home look bigger!
If you’re not willing to part with your items, I recommend getting a storage unit for a little furniture vacation!

We invite you to checkout Natalia’s Blog. She has a very unique but honest perspective on how to prepare your home for sale. click on the link to visit her page. 160_F_42505000_GvSCNRZsdIGXkbDV7faRbBTVhJtF9GWG