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Once a project for extreme DIYers only, shipping container homes have come more into the mainstream over the last few years with developers even beginning to use

them for larger apartment complexes. However, as simple as the concept seems – buy a used shipping container and turn it into a residence – it actually can be quite challenging. It’s common for someone planning a shipping container home to buy the containers required sight unseen, finding them online and taking the sellers word for what shape they’re in. However, upon delivery containers may be damaged – or worse – unusable. And while shipping containers are a generic product, each country has their own specific rules regulating shipping container homes. Climate also plays a large role in the design and construction of a container home. Lastly, people often assume shipping container homes are far more cost effective than traditional stick-built homes, but that rarely is the case. Still, those with a drive for creating a unique, eco-friendly home are willing to face these challenges head on.