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Property Hotline Systems – Instant property information over the phone

One of the recent additions to our advertising arsenal are the Property Hotline Hangers. The technology seams simple enough, potential buyers drive by a property, decides they would like to know more about a perticular house, call the toll free 877 number in on the hanger which is clearly visible on the sign, and dials in the corresponding four digit id number.

Sign Hanger Phone Number Example

The buyers get instant information on the property, its special features, vital data like; size, style, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and recent renovations, if they would like to schedule a private showing appointment they simply press zero and are instantly connected to my assistant who is ready to take down their information and book a convenient appointment.

If there was no sign hanger, the buyers may just write down the agents name, number, property address, drive away and forget about the property all together, or just simply loose the piece of paper with the information.

They may also try to call the agent at that moment, probably catching the agent by surprise and still not getting all the information that they need or should know.