Taylor S.

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When we began looking for a house we had little to no idea what we wanted, or what to watch out for. The housing market was unchartered territory for both me and my girlfriend. We hardly had any criteria past a price range and a grainy idea of what our options were. After dealing with a couple of realtors who seemingly had limited knowledge of realty specifics and were primarily concerned with their own objectives we felt like we were getting nowhere. Then we were referred to The Kubiczek Team from Keystone Realty. Right from the beginning the buyers agent starting to ask questions and subsequently narrow our search to listings appropriate for us. This was no easy task. As mentioned, we had a rocky foundation of what we were looking for at best. The team buyers agent prepared itineraries of listings and spent hours with us doing showings and answering questions. He even showed us houses that he knew we wouldn’t necessarily want to buy as learning experiences to help us understand what was out there, and how far the dollar can go. He taught us how to look for things like a good furnace, electrical panel, moisture damage, foundation problems and water heater issues. He was with us every step of the way. He walked us through all of the red tape and got us to the point of being comfortable signing the final dotted line. I will strongly recommend Keystone Realty to all of my friends and family.

Dec 15, 2015