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Home decor trends are always changing. The trick is to choose items that feel fresh and new, just not so fresh and new you’ll need to replace them in two months. A big, cozy chair in a hip neutral such as charcoal grey is both fashionable and comfortable.

Add drama with the current “it” colour palette – jewel tones. Think ruby red, emerald green and sapphire blue. And, while we all love our technology, try going in the opposite direction with your home decor. Elements such as raw and distressed woods bring an earthy feel indoors and help us feel unplugged and connected to nature at the end of a busy day. However, if you still want a pop of tech in your home – go old school with Edison lightbulbs. These vintage-inspired lightbulbs have taken the decor world by storm. With LED Edison bulbs now available, you can rest assured your cool, industrial vibe comes with an eco-friendly stamp of approval.