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The weather outside might be frightful, but that doesn’t mean your interior spaces can’t be delightful! Here are three charming decor trends sure to transform your home into a winter wonderland.

Winter minimalism. Inspired by the ever-popular Scandinavian style, winter minimalism is both cool and warm at the same time. Think white walls, natural woods and items such as bare branches and antlers placed about. Add in some hygge (the Scandinavian word for coziness) by covering surfaces with thick blankets and rugs. Then curl up with your favourite tea and enjoy.

Eclectic holiday. Quite the opposite of winter minimalism, the eclectic holiday look is bold and fun. Bright colours, patterns and a mixture of materials all blend to create a unique, globally influenced space. Reds, golden yellows and turquoise blues aren’t your traditional holiday palette, but in this case – it works!

Woodland forest. While at first it may sound similar to winter minimalism, with its natural woods and nature-inspired accessories, woodland forest is a much richer and more decadent look. Dark greens and reds, mixed with woven baskets and hand drawn animal portraits will make you feel as if you’re huddled inside a fairytale.