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Once again, fashion trends are influencing interior design with African prints popping up in home decor items as well as traditional African woodworking, pottery and textiles. New York interior designer Jeanine Hays says the emerging trend is a meeting of modern and cultural styles, which help “create spaces that we’re connected to, that we care about, and that tell our stories.” A current popular home decor item that perfectly illustrates the crossroads of contemporary design and culture is the Juju hat. Used in dancing rituals by the Bamileke tribe of Cameroon, Juju hats feature extensive use of chicken or guinea fowl feathers. The headdresses can be used as a standalone item or as part of a gallery wall and come in a variety of colours. And Juju hats are just the beginning. Handcarved wooden stools and vases, beaded accent pillows, African patterned poufs and woven baskets all add a layer of style and meaning to any space.