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In an age where we’re too busy to spend time making sure everything in our home is “just right,” here’s a trend that’s just perfect

– imperfection. It’s a return to things homemade and artisinal. Things that show they were crafted by human hands, with each little flaw a part of their story. With messy beds, wrinkled curtains and mix and matched furniture and accessories, perfectly imperfect decor reflects the 15th century Japanese art of wabi sabi: a concept appreciating things that are time worn, distressed or incomplete. Other examples of this include rustic wood, items with vintage patina and deconstructed furniture. Originally inspired by an armchair stripped of its fabric, deconstructed pieces appear half done and display the raw details. However, it’s not necessary to add any new items to your home to achieve this look. The best thing about perfect imperfection is it’s whatever you and your home are – right now.