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Botanical statement walls add a wow factor. And, thanks to the variety of choices available

– there’s a way to incorporate a little greenery – real or faux – into any space. Here are three options:

  1. Living wall. The ideal solution for green thumbs with little to no yard space. A living wall is essentially a vertical garden and can be installed both inside and outside. Most companies that sell vertical gardens offer them in a variety of sizes. You can also purchase vertical gardens that are stackable and customizable. Try an indoor herb garden or an outdoor vertical wall filled with butterfly-attracting plants.
  2. Botanical wallpaper. If living greenery isn’t your thing, but you still love the look of vines, leaves and flowers, make a statement with botanical wallpaper. Cover one wall to draw the eye, or all four walls to make your home feel like it’s inside a forest.
  3. Wall art. Hang a faux version of a living wall via a stunning piece of art. 3D botanical art will add depth and intrigue, while a gorgeous painting or photograph is a more traditional nod to nature.