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With an increasing focus on where our products and materials come from, a branch of interior design is dedicated to using items that are animal product free.

The fashion industry has already moved away from the use of animal-products, with top-end design brands such as Gucci and Versace ending their use of furs and leathers. According to proponents of the cruelty-free movement, we live in a time where technology allows for innovative and beautiful materials and fabrics derived from other sources. One such source often used in interior design is bamboo, which is the fastest growing plant on earth and is both an eco-friendly and cruelty-free choice. From furniture to bedding and flooring, bamboo is a versatile and long-lasting material choice. Natural fabrics such as 100 percent cotton and linen are also popular alternatives. Not into the all-natural look? No problem! Faux wool and fur are now readily available and make spaces look luxurious and chic all without the need for animal products.