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Millennials have a fresh outlook on the necessities of life. Aside from wanting a great career, they want to see the world and pursue their passions. They want a home that

is easy to maintain and affordable, with affordability at the top of their wish list.Often townhouses and condos are the perfect choice for a millennial, as these properties come with a lower mortgage and – due to their size – lower utility bills. Millennials are also interested in amenities, but not the kind you’d expect.

According to a recent survey, millennials prioritize practical amenities within like storage and parking.Also, homes with maintenance fees that cover tasks such as mowing and shovelling mean less time spent doing chores and more time spent enjoying life.Lastly, millennials are looking for convenience and community. Nearby shopping, activities, schools and recreational centres are a must because time in a car or on transit is time that could have been spent living life to the fullest.