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Love the colour lavender, geometric patterns and not making your bed? Then 2018 is the year for you! Here are five of the biggest home decor trends making themselves known this year.

  1. Colour authority Pantone has predicted lavender will be big this year. Fashion designers are already embracing the purple hue and homeowners can follow suit by going all out or simply adding a few sprigs of dried lavender to their homes.
  2. 2017’s rise of metallics continues with brass looking to be the finish of 2018. Faucets, furniture, hardware and more – shine up your home with brass.
  3. From tile to wallpaper to art, everyone is going crazy for geometrics. A statement light fixture is an excellent way to bring an eye-catching geometric shape into your home.
  4. Wood isn’t just for the floor anymore. Wood treatments have been showing up on walls and ceilings, even Home Depot is offering a line of wooden panels to help create an accent wall.
  5. Rooted in the Japanese concept of Wabi-sabi, imperfection is big. So go ahead, don’t make your bed and leave a few crumbs on the floor. Just be you because – in 2018 – you are enough!