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Don’t overlook the little details when it comes to decorating your
home. Why? Because it’s the small, thoughtful touches that add
character and charm.

If you’ve lived in your home for a long time
and have never updated your doorknobs and moldings, now’s
the time to make a change. If you recently moved into a preexisting
home, consider replacing these fixtures to better reflect
your tastes. Doorknobs aren’t just functional items, they’re also
decorative. Conduct some research to help you decide if you
should replace your doorknobs entirely or simply refinish. If you
live in an older home with its original knobs, you may want to
paint them matte black for that vintage-modern look. Another
detail-oriented spruce-up is updating or adding molding, which
can make even the plainest of homes seem full of personality.
Trim around doors and windows, baseboards, crown molding
and paneling all add interest to a space. Update your existing
molding by painting it the same colour as the walls, which
currently is on trend. If your home is lacking in the molding
department, dedicate a weekend to trimming things out – you’ll
be surprised at what a difference it makes!