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The secret to getting your kids to enjoy winter is encouraging them to embrace it – and embracing it yourself. Here is a list of five essential outdoor activities for kids… and adults too!

Build a snowman. Make it a community affair by challenging your neighbours to a competition on who can craft the biggest Frosty.

Winter campfire. There’s nothing like snuggling up and drinking hot chocolate in front of a crackling fire, especially after a long day of outdoor winter activities such as skating, skiing or sledding.

Go on a winter hike. Your favourite summertime trails will look very different covered in snow and ice. Take time to appreciate the delicate frost on the trees and the gleam on any frozen bodies of water you come across.

Set up a scavenger hunt. Running around looking for clues will keeps both bodies and minds in tip top shape.

Do a good deed. Shovel your neighbour’s sidewalk, pick up litter or volunteer to walk dogs at your local animal shelter.