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With the exception of the homes that fill the pages of design magazines, most of us have a pretty limited budget when it comes to decorating.

But a small cash flow doesn’t need to translate to a bland space. There are many ways to make your home look expensive, even when it isn’t:

Centre-pieces. Centre-pieces are eye-catching and are a finishing touch many budget-wary homeowners forget about. Try fresh flowers in a vase or a small yet beautiful sculpted accessory.

Graphic curtains. Skip the store-bought neutrals and take a trip to the fabric store for a gorgeous graphic print. Even if you have no sewing experience, check online for no-sew tutorials and whip up your own custom made draperies.

Mix it up. Rotate out smaller items such as pillows, throw blankets and knick knacks often. It will make your home feel fresh and exciting to you, while appearing to others that you went on a shopping spree.