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There are certain home decor “rules” that pop up again and again, often going against current trends and seeming more like remnants of the past than actual good advice. If you’re someone who has a hard time breaking rules even when they’re outdated, have no fear! You have permission to take the following three “must do” decor rules and add them to the “do not” list:

Metals must match. If this dusty old rule was still dutifully obeyed we wouldn’t have one of the current hottest decor trends – mixed metals. So pair brass cabinet handles with a chrome sink faucet and stainless steel appliances. It’s all about trusting your own eye. If you think it looks good then do it.

Art must be hung. Perhaps in a museum, but in your home feel free to lean your art against the wall, prop it up against a vase or place it on the windowsill. But if you truly do like the look of a securely hung painting, break another rule and play with placement and scale. Instead of hanging at eye level, try above a doorway. Instead of a large painting above a couch or bed, go miniature for more of an irreverent look.

Trim must be white. Certainly, white trim around doors and windows and as baseboards and crown moulding is a crisp and classic look, but more and more designers are making bolder colour choices such as black, grey and blue. Not only is it unexpected, but it highlights the details of the trim instead of blending it into the rest of the room.