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Spring is such a beautiful time of year, full of new life and brilliant colours. Capture some of the magic going on outdoors with these fun yet simple spring-themed crafts for kids:

Blossom Tree. Supplies needed are plain white paper, brown yarn, pink tissue paper and glue. To assemble, glue yarn to white paper in the shape of a tree or a branch. Ball up little pieces of tissue paper and glue to tree for the blossoms.

Birds Nest. Supplies needed are a large paper plate cut in half and brown paint (for nest), various coloured construction paper cutouts in half-oval shapes (for bird bodies), yellow construction paper cutouts in triangles (for bird beaks), stick on wiggle eyes and glue. To assemble, paint paper plate brown. Glue bird bodies to back of plate with majority of shape sticking over edge. Glue beaks and eyes onto the birds’ faces. For an added touch, forage for branches outside and glue them to the nests.