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With everyone from millennials to seniors searching online for real estate, great photos of your property are an absolute must. And while you should have a wide assortment of photos of your home taken and posted as part of its online listing, certain images are more likely to sell your home than others.

Ensuring that these photos are beautifully staged and of the highest quality could be the difference between selling in a flash and sitting on the market. An excellent photo of the front of your house is essential. Before the Internet, potential buyers used to drive by a home to get a first impression. Yes, people still sometimes visit properties in person before booking a viewing, but you can bet they’ve probably already seen it online and had their interest piqued. This is why it’s so important to stage the front of your home before photos are taken. As for the inside, the areas that can make people fall in love are the kitchen, the ensuite and finished basements.