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Think you need to be a designer to have a home interior that looks top-notch? Think again! While there certainly is an aspect of creativity and innovation in making a space beautiful,

there are also some hard and fast rules that – if followed – no one will know the difference between your home and those featured in the pages of design magazines.

The first is the 10-30-60 rule, which means picking a dominant colour and having it make up 60 percent of the room’s colour scheme. This colour should be more of a neutral shade like white, grey or beige. A secondary colour, which should be bolder, makes up 30 percent of the room’s colour scheme and should be used on larger pieces such as furniture. Lastly, the accent colour makes up the final 10 percent and should be used on cushions, rugs, throws and accessories.

Once you’ve solidified your colour scheme, choose a focal point in each room. Focal points can be anything, but most often are fireplaces, stunning artwork or a piece of statement furniture. The rest of the room should be organized around it.

Finally, don’t forget to leave some areas bare. You don’t need to fill up every nook and cranny with furniture and accessories. Let the room breathe a little. It will make the items you do have in it that much more noticeable.