Make your home cozy for winter.

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Counteract the cooling temperatures outside by warming up your home’s interior with these decor tips:

1. If you have a fireplace, rearrange your furniture so it becomes the focal point. If you don’t have one, throw some pillows and blankets on the couch and chairs to add some extra snuggle-factor. Bonus points if they’re in warm shades such as red, burnt orange and chocolate brown.
2. Hang a large mirror on an empty wall or above a mantel, which will help reflect light throughout your space. Natural light may be scarce this time of year, but mirrored surfaces help maximize its impact.
3. Similar to winter fashion, winter decorating is all about layering. Place linen slipcovers over your dining room chairs, a woven rug in the hallway and burlap runners on console tables and dressers.
4. Add extra warmth to your bed by changing out your duvet or comforter for something in velvet. If you’d prefer not to replace your entire bedding set, you can simply up the cozy by adding velvet pillows and a throw blanket. Try using the colour green to remind you of spring and summer.
5. Lastly, don’t forget about winter’s beauty. Glassware in cool blue and white, as well as accessories in silver, echo the sparkle of snow or the stars on a clear winter night.

Feet in wool socks near fireplace in winter time