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Please take the time to view our Home Tips Newsletter. Fantastic home maintenance ideas, market update for the last month and list of our great homes available for purchase. Click here to view the newsletter. Helpful hints and articles like;

LOVE YOUR LAUNDRY ROOM – Creative ideas on how to make your laundry room more functional and enjoyable. Your laundry room should not be the most dreaded room in the house, with stacks of laundry and boxes of detergent. Make this room fun and functional, you will enjoy doing laundry and so will your kids. Click here to view the newsletter.

TRASH CAN TROUBLE – We all produce garbage, it’s part of every home. But how we deal with the garbage and where we store it makes a difference on our lifestyle and habits. As a realtor I always dread walking into a kitchen and being greeted by a huge black garbage can standing by the end of the counter. No matter how much you cook or consume, garbage should not be visible, it has no appeal and is a detriment for anyone looking at a home. Garbage can should be small enough to fit under the sink, or another enclosed space out of sight. Click here to view the newsletter.

DIY CONCRETE PLANTERS – Spring is coming and we are all itching to get started on getting our hands in some dirt to start planting. How about making your very own concrete planters. Click here to view the newsletter.

NEUTRALIZE TO SELL – My buyer agents always tell me how hard it is to show a home absolutely loaded with personal belongings, pictures and furniture. Buyers tend to get overwhelmed and it’s harder to keep them focused on the house which always distracts them on every corner. Click here to view the newsletter.