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On Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, amongst rusting ship hulls, you’ll find a cluster of cabins called the Shipwreck Lodge.

The Skeleton Coast earned its name from its notoriously difficult to navigate waters. Inspired by the dilapidated ships both on and off the coastline, the Shipwreck Lodge is the perfect example of architecture designed for its natural surroundings. The unpainted cabins blend in with the white sand of the beach, while the curved exterior support beams harken to broken pieces of a wrecked vessel. In contrast, the insides of the cabins echo the cozy – albeit bare bones – interior of a fully operating ship. And through the windows, a view of the Atlantic Ocean makes visitors feel like they’re sailing the seas. Operated by the Natural Selection Adventure Company, this two-star hotel runs upwards of $2,000 CAD a night and is very much a case of paying for the atmosphere – not the amenities.