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Reusing old items instead of buying new isn’t only trendy – it’s also great for the environment. Repurposing means there’s no need to buy new, and it also 

means you get a unique piece for your home that you can show off to all your visitors. Here are three fresh ideas for taking something old and turning it into something new.

Ladder Spice Rack. You know those cool, old farmhouse
ladders people often find in their grandparents’ garage or
at an antique mall? Turn one into a shelf for your spices by
cutting it to fit and resting your neatly labeled spice jars across
the rungs.

T-Shirt Pillows. Add some secondhand character to your
throw pillows by making them yourself – out of old t-shirts!
Whether solid coloured, patterned or with a bold graphic,
your t-shirt throw pillows will be oh-so-soft and oh-so-ecofriendly.

Dresser Vanity. There’s nothing new about repainting an old
dresser, but take the project up a notch by adding a vesselstyle
sink and using it as a bathroom vanity. Think of the
storage room you’ll have in all the drawers and cupboards!