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Children seem to have a special bond with nature. Whether it’s running through a summer shower, searching for worms or exploring the woods, kids love being outside.

Which is why they’re the perfect students for an education in eco-friendly living. Take advantage of your child’s monkey-see, monkey-do tendencies by illustrating how to live an eco-conscious life. Make sure they see you recycling, composting and just plain old enjoying all of nature’s beauty. Take this lesson one step further by giving them household chores with a green slant. Have them deconstruct cardboard boxes and place them in the recycling bin, or water the vegetable garden.

Explain to them about water conservation and why it’s important not to waste food. Make learning fun by helping them keep a “scientific” journal about their findings. Measure the growth of plants in your house and yard. Keep track of when things sprout in spring and die off in the fall. Most importantly make eco-friendly living a part of your family’s daily life. The children around you will soon follow.