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Would you ever rent a couch? What about a bed? Believe it or not, in certain parts of the world people are interested in doing just that. Ikea is picking up on that interest and planning on trialing a furniture-rental option in cities such as London.

With people in cities living more minimalistic, often nomadic lifestyles, furniture-rental is ideal for those who value a living space that feels home-y, but don’t necessarily want to commit to owning a bunch of stuff. Ikea notes that while the last few decades have been geared toward mass consumerism, the future is going to revolve more around mass circularity. Reusing and recycling are becoming more commonplace in all facets of life and entire homes furnished with rented goods aren’t far off. Aside from the reduced environmental impact, the best part of furniture rental is that when you grow tired of the items – you can simply trade them in for something new.