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Architecture and design-focused magazine Metropolis releases a list of the world’s best-designed cities every year. Here are a few of the highlights from 2017:

Toronto: The University of Toronto’s new architecture and design school is the perfect example of how this city blends old with new. A highly contemporary addition somehow flows seamlessly into the original 1875 gothic-revival building. The city as a whole, now the fourth largest in North America, is rapidly growing and those involved in its design community are determined to make sure it grows into a “public realm for the future.”

New York: The undisputed cultural capital of the United States, New York is home to 250 art galleries and cultural centres, as well as 150 co-working centres and creative incubators. Not only is New York a hotbed for architects, designers and artists, it’s also pioneering regulations to help protect freelance employees, who make up nearly one-third of the city’s workforce.

Copenhagen: Copenhagen is dripping with beautiful, functional design. A harmonious blend of neoclassical and modern architecture, an efficient transportation system and a pledge to become the world’s first carbon-neutral city all illustrate how Copenhagen sets an example for other cities of the world.