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Everyone’s favourite online vintage and handmade source Etsy recently released a list of current home decor trends that are a little off the beaten path. And, even though they aren’t the usual go-to looks, these trends are more popular than some of the traditional standbys. That’s because homeowners nowadays are all about infusing their own personal style into their spaces. And sometimes that means getting a little kooky. Here are three current decor trends that will add an unexpected twist to your home.

1. Tie-dye. It’s back! The multi-coloured fabric pattern originally popularized in the 60s has been showing up on curtains, pillows, bedding, even walls, but with a modern twist – today’s tie-dye is more muted.

2. Crystals. They’re everywhere. On drawer-knobs, utensil ends, or simply sitting on a shelf. They’re colourful and funky and add a hippy-boho vibe.

3. Wallpaper everywhere. Everywhere except on walls, that is. Try wallpaper on furniture, artwork, tabletops, but leave the walls neutral to act as a calming backdrop for graphic prints.