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If there’s one decor trend that never seems to go out of style, it’s incorporating antique and vintage items into a home. Why? Because older accessories and furniture – as well as salvaged items from an old home – come with their own character. The best way to acquire these often one of a kind pieces is to visit local antique and salvage shops. You can also check online through antique dealers or popular websites like Chairish. As for which items to watch for? Old windows are a versatile salvaged item as they can be displayed on a wall as is, or turned into a mirror or picture frame. Same goes for old doors – which can be turned into tabletops, desktops, shelves or combined with hooks to create a beautiful place for coats and bags. Aside from these two standbys, keep a watch out for old crown moulding and door cornices, which can become frames or shelves. Antique crates work great for storage and old pieces of farm equipment will add character to any room. And, if you’re lucky enough to find salvaged bricks in great condition, you can use them to cover your fireplace, a feature wall, or just place a few on a shelf to create a unique vignette.