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Making an offer is a pretty exciting step in the home buying process – especially when your offer gets accepted! And while the decision to move the purchase forward is ultimately up to the seller, there are a few things you can do to make the process go more smoothly.

Try not to get attached. When we’re attached to a potential new home, we have a harder time making logical decisions – such as how much to offer, what to include in the offer and so on. After an offer becomes official, that’s when the excitement and joy kicks in.

Choose your conditions wisely. Sellers may shy away from offers with a ton of conditions. However, conditions that do make sense are a financial contingency – meaning the deal only goes through if you receive financing, a contingency based on whether you sell your existing property, or a contingency that gives you the right to have the property inspected before the sale goes through.

Be willing to walk. If a potential deal just doesn’t feel right, or is causing you too much stress, don’t feel you have to follow through. There are always other properties out there. Keep looking until you find the right one!

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