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Want to take your DIYing to the next level? Here are four tools
and gadgets that will have you feeling like a pro.

Wagner Power Roller. A paint roller that refills itself? Yes, it
does exist! No more bending over endlessly to refill your roller
with paint. The Power Roller handle has a chamber that holds
enough paint to cover 70 square feet.

Dewalt Self-Leveling Line Laser. Takes leveling to a whole
new… level! Shoots lasers both vertically and horizontally at
the push of a button. Accurate to 0.3mm/m.

Bosch Easycut Nano Blade Saw. Essentially a miniature
chainsaw, it’s lightweight and easy to control. Excellent for
small DIY tasks and crafts.

Karcher Premium Wet and Dry Vacuum. Clean up is always
the least fun part of DIY projects, but with a wet-dry vac – it’s
not so bad. Sucks up rubble, sawdust, sludge and any other
solid or liquid waste you can think of.