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If you thought high performance fabrics were something athletes wear,
you’d be right. High performance fabrics’ number one claim to fame is
their use in exercise gear such as water-resistance running pants and
breathable yoga tops.

But they are also extremely well suited for furniture.
Performance fabrics used on upholstered furniture are long lasting and
withstand wear and tear like a champ. Natural materials such as bamboo
and wool, as well as synthetic materials like polypropylene and spandex,
are all used in the manufacturing of high performance fabrics. A few wellknown
performance fabric brands are: Ultrasuede, Crypton and Sunbrella.

Ultrasuede is made of very fine polyester fibers spun together,
resulting in a soft – yet durable – material. And while polyester isn’t
automatically thought of as an environmentally friendly fabric,
Ultrasuede uses polyester made from pre-consumer waste and is often
used in car interiors, on furniture and as a wall treatment.

Crypton is resistant to stains and odours and is also an eco-conscious
material as it has low chemical emissions and was awarded the
Greengaurd Gold Certification. Their outdoor line is especially
impressive as its UV-resistant fibers resist sun fading for up to 1,000

Sunbrella took the same technology they created for use on outdoor
awnings and applied it to interior and exterior upholstery fabrics. They
are mold and mildew resistant, can be power-washed – even bleached!
Now that’s high performance.