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While interior design and home decor are largely about personal preference, there are a few universal rules to be aware of. First, watch how high you hang your

artwork. While there are some instances when an oddly placed piece lends to a room’s quirky vibe, for the most part you want the centre of your artwork to be at eye level – meaning approximately 5’-5” off the floor. Next, watch the length of your drapes. Unless you have a window seat or some other special circumstance, curtains should just graze the floor. You can either order custom made drapes or buy store-bought and mend them yourself. Lastly, make sure you’re using the correct size of area rug. It should be large enough that all furniture legs rest on it. Designer tip: If you fall in love with a too-small rug, layer it over a larger neutral one. Or, be extra bold and layer several rugs for a boho-chic look.