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Switching out your home decor every few months is a good way to keep your spaces fresh and inviting. But what should you do with your gently used decor items?

Why, donate them of course! Many thrift and secondhand stores accept everything from picture frames to vases to throw pillows to end tables. Before you donate, either call or check the website of your local store to see if it accepts the items you wish to bring in. If they do, make sure you wash or wipe down the items and repair any minor bumps or tears. If the item is in rough shape, consider repurposing it or recycling it instead. Before you donate, you also may want to hold a garage sale. Any money made from the sale of your items can be put towards new items or, if you’re in the giving state of mind, you could donate the money to your favourite charity. Another option if you’re looking to make a little cash is through a buy-and-sell website. Many towns and cities also have local buy-and-sell Facebook groups. Another idea is to trade your decor items with a friend. People host clothes swaps all the time – why not try a decor swap as well? Lastly, if you have the space, consider storing the items you’ve grown tired of. You never know – a few months in storage may make you remember why you bought them in the first place!