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Bohemian? Industrial? Mid-century modern? What exactly do these interior design labels mean – and which one is your favourite? Here’s a quick breakdown of how you can achieve these three looks – plus three more.

Bohemian: Use layers, mix patterns, blend old with new, and most importantly – be free!

Contemporary: Whatever is in the moment is “contemporary.” So keep your eyes on the latest trends and feel free to swap accessories and furniture in and out to keep things fresh.

Eclectic: Similar to bohemian, but more focused on contrasting two or more distinct styles, such as farmhouse and industrial or bohemian and mid-century modern.

Farmhouse: Less grandma’s old farmhouse and more nature-themed and vintage-inspired. Start with light and airy spaces, add wooden accessories and a few antiques and you’re on your way.

Industrial: A far cry from its 18th century utilitarian beginnings, today’s industrial style is all about finding beauty in exposed beams, metal pipes, bare wiring and crumbly brick walls.

Mid-Century Modern: Originally a reaction to the ornateness of interiors past, mid-century modern is pared down and cool. Think clean lines and martini glasses.