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Five empty aviation fuel containers have been transformed into an art and culture park in Shanghai. Located on the former site of the Longhua Airport, the project was tackled by Beijing-based firm Open Architecture. The firm has taken the meaning of “reuse” to new heights with their 60,000 square metre design, which includes two art galleries, a multifunctional exhibition space, as well as areas for various activities. While some of the interior spaces look more like a traditional art gallery, other areas have been left largely untouched so as to remind visitors that the tanks had a previous life. Project heads Li Hu and Huang Wenjing noted that working with an existing structure was a challenge, but proved ultimately rewarding. The project also expands far beyond the five structures, with public squares, parks and a large urban forest. As Hu and Wenjing put it, “the tanks are transformed from containers of oil into containers of art and life.”