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Light fixtures have long since moved from utilitarian objects with a single purpose to artistic statement pieces. This trend continues and expands with today’s unusual options.

Here are a few current developments in statement lighting.

  1. Fixtures in unique finishes or materials such as brushed copper, lacquered iron or powder coated aluminum give lighting a textural element.
  2. Multi-leveled fixtures appear more as art than as lighting, often serving as conversational pieces by adding a wow factor to a room.
  3. Lights suspended on thin wires, either from the ceiling or from other sections of the fixture, give the piece a feeling of weightlessness, much like a hanging mobile.
  4. Bright colours such as fire engine red, especially when used on fixtures in stark white or grey rooms, create an eye-popping focal point.
  5. Desk lamps projecting from the piece’s base at unusual angles make the fixture seem more like a sculpture than a tool.